Those who dare to enter the world of street racing are ready to risk it all for a shot at glory. But for Tobey Marshall, betrayal at the hands of a rival racer leads to the death of a friend and the wrongful imprisonment of Tobey. Two years later, Tobey is released, and the game has changed — it's time to avenge his friend's death, and it's time to risk it all to expose the truth.

Dreamworks Pictures tasked us with creating a fully dynamic and fluidly responsive HTML5 site designed to feature a wide variety of content without forcing users to jump between multiple pages. The final design places all site content within a sortable grid — selecting a piece of content displays it at full size seamlessly within the grid itself. Additionally, each piece of content has its own overlay that allows users to share the content on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Users can also choose what type of content to sort and display in the grid by selecting a category in the dropdown menu.


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