Everyone has childhood memories of dreaming up and playing with an imaginary friend — incredibly, one orphaned boy has a friend that's a bit more...real. Through a seamless blend of live action and CGI, this remake of the 1977 classic film brings the magical story of Pete and his dragon Elliot to a whole new generation of children.

In order to re-introduce Elliot to a global young audience, we created an interactive hide-and-seek game with embedded animations and parallax elements. Responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile, users are challenged to find Elliot, who is randomly hidden among the different forest environments — the only clues are remnants of his smoking breath and his playful fading in and out of invisibility. The game is set against a timer, and users who successfully discover Elliot's hiding place in each level unlock a quick scene of Elliot flying. At the level completion page, users can share their time and invite their friends to try and beat their score.


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