Naughty Dog's landmark Playstation-exclusive release brings players into the remnants of a United States devastated by twenty years of a mutant fungal spore-based infection. Those who have not been transformed into savage deformed carriers of the infection are clinging to survival by any means possible. It is under these circumstances that players are introduced to Joel, a grizzled bitter man with a tragic past, and Ellie, a young girl born inside a quarantine zone. Joel is tasked with smuggling Ellie out of the quarantine zone, and what begins as a simple mission turns into a harrowing cross-country journey into an uncertain future.

Naughty Dog approached us with the intent to create a fully responsive and dynamic HTML5 site with an emphasis on showcasing game content. This was also an opportunity to streamline all social channels for The Last of Us — data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr was synchronized and updated in real time.


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